October 19, 2019

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While the main question in every Social Security disability case asks whether you have the capacity to reliably perform simple, entry-level work, the strategies you can use to answer this question for  a Social Security judge can take many forms.  I encourage you to learn as much as you can about the disability claim decision making process and to contact us if you have questions.

Here are some online resources that can help you get started:

From Jonathan Ginsberg

Jonathan’s Social Security disability blog – I have been publishing this blog continuously since 2006

Jonathan’s Social Security disability podcast – I have been hosting this podcast since 2006

Jonathan’s “How to” book about applying for benefits

Ginsberg Law Georgia Social Security disability web site – this is my law firm’s SSD web site

From the Social Security Administration

Listing 5 – Digestive System – in Social Security’s Disability Evaluation “Blue Book”

Official SSA web site – information about disability

Medical Information

Mayo Clinic information about Crohn’s Disease – an easy to understand explanation about Crohn’s Disease by the Mayo Clinic

Blogs I Read

Gordon Gates (Maine, New Hampshire)